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EyeC ProofRunner Web-fed

Improve your print quality while reducing production time and costs

The EyeC ProofRunner Web-Fed is a retrofit module designed to inspect the entire surface of the web during printing. Available for numerous presses, including flexo, digital, and offset, this in-line system works with labels, inserts, flexible packaging, and cartons. It monitors the quality of the entire print job, and checks it against the customer proof. In case of defects, it either alerts the operator or marks the web.

Reduce material waste and production costs

Productivity is the key to facing the increasing competition and improving the bottom line.

Upon finding a repeating problem, this system alerts the press operator right away, so – unlike inspecting downstream – the problem gets resolved immediately thus avoiding waste.Furthermore, this system counts the number of good items produced, thus reducing the amount of overprint necessary to meet the intended job volume. As a result, the EyeC ProofRunner Web-Fed prevents the waste of expensive consumables and valuable machine time.

Accurately check the content of 100% of the web surface –at full press speed

The EyeC ProofRunner Web-Fed identifies all typical defects, such as errors in text, color deviations, misregisters, press contamination, hickeys, filled in or missing characters. There is no need to slow down production to inspect the job - the system can detect the smallest defects at any press speed.

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