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EyeC Proofiler 900 - 1700 DT

EyeC Proofiler 900 - 1700 DT

Ultra-fast half-size to large format print sample testing

The EyeC Proofiler 900, 1200 & 1700 DT provide you with the fastest technology for the checking of half-size to large format print samples. Designed for print shops and their customers, it brings security, efficiency and flexibility to QC checks - at twice the speed than competitive systems. The system is easy to use, which is especially useful in the case of large printing sheets, thin leaflets or flexible packaging.

The EyeC Proofiler DT series combines the power of intelligent software with the performance of a high-resolution flatbed scanner. The inspection system digitally compares the scanned samples against the signed-off proof (typically a PDF file). The operator can easily check deviations and make sure that the samples’ quality complies with requirements. The inspection is simple, fast, impartial, and reproducible. Results are fully documented for perfect traceability.

Best return on investment

Enhance your print inspection processes and help prevent quality issues with the EyeC Proofiler 900, 1200 & 1700 DT. Catch problems early by using the Proofiler during press make-ready and regularly check the output of multiple print machines with just a single system. For incoming quality control, use the Proofiler to perform ultra-fast batch testing of all types of printed materials.

Easy and safe sample testing

The Proofiler DT series uses flatbed scanning technology, which makes it easy and safe to handle your print samples, even large or thin ones. Just lay your samples on the glass plate and start scanning — exactly what you need in a demanding pressroom environment.

The Proofiler simplifies your quality checks. Its intuitive user interface helps perform a full and reliable inspection in just a few clicks and is available in major languages.

Unbeatable speed and accuracy

The Proofiler delivers pinpoint results at twice the speed than competitive systems. Even a combo job on a typical press sheet (1,060 x 750 mm or 42“ x 30“) with multiple die positions can be inspected in less than two minutes (from scan to results).

The Proofiler can keep up with your changing inspection needs. You can add new options — such as Braille, 1D or 2D codes inspection — without replacing any of the hardware components.

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