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Color Measurement

Quick and easy inspection of colors and their ΔE tolerances with EyeC inspection systems

Whether in manufacturing, incoming inspection or already in the artwork design & prepress process, EyeC's inspection solutions make it easy to ensure that the colors used on your packaging material are within the specified ΔE tolerances.



Color Inspection on Printed Samples or PDF Files

Thanks to the integrated ”Color Measurement” for the EyeC Proofiler, you can dispense time-consuming measurements with an external measuring device.

Reference color values are easily stored in the form of color books in your personal color library and can then be used recurrently, automatically and process secure for color measurement in the EyeC Proofiler and EyeC Proofiler Graphic.

The color measurement for the Proofiler evaluates colors in CIELab and indicates the ΔE color difference compared to reference color values. Any number of color patches can be measured at any position in the sample. It is irrelevant whether the measurement is made on a PDF (PDF-to-PDF comparison) or on a scanned, physical sample (PDF-to-scan or scan-to-scan comparison). This enables both relative process control and absolute color measurement in CIELab*. The same defined measuring points are reliably checked on all repeats.


*accuracy depends on the scanner used



To ensure effortless and fast input, the most suitable colors from the color book used are suggested to the user. A different color book can be selected for each color field. In addition, it is also possible to enter CIELab reference color values manually.

Input errors are reliably avoided by selecting the predefined reference color values. The color measurement function together with the digital color library thus provides the certainty that the correct values of the CIELab reference color and its ΔE tolerance are always used.

Part of the color measurement with color book functionality is the EyeC Color Book Editor.


Manage digital color books and custom color references

The EyeC Color Book Editor is a stand-alone program for managing your custom digital color library. Any number of color books with a free number of reference colors can be individually created or common color books can be easily imported as CxF files. These digital color books can then be used in EyeC Proofiler and EyeC Proofiler Graphic for color measurement. The individual colors are created and edited with just a few clicks in the user-friendly Color Book Editor. Exact CIELab values and ΔE tolerance values can be saved for each color.

With the EyeC Color Book Editor, you are able to use different color systems as well as individual color specifications at the same time. In addition, the predefined colors prevent incorrect entries when checking in the Proofiler, which significantly increases the reliability of the inspection.


With EyeC's inspection systems, you can easily and quickly check your colors and their ΔE tolerances. Contact us to know more.

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