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Print inspection for pre-press companies and studios

Translating clients’ expectations into an appealing product in the shortest possible turnaround time is not the best environment to catch errors reliably, yet mistakes at this stage will turn into wasted consumables, lost machine time, and delays.

What We Can Offer You

Are you asking your pre-press department to perform an impossible task?

  • Our systems eliminate most of manual proofing and find all inadvertent deviations and omissions at once in one fast and easy process
  • Not only will our systems help you keep up, they’ll help you improve turn-around time.
  • If used for every single job, our systems catch issues before the job reaches the press room. 

The EyeC Proofiler Graphic compares press-ready files (1-up, step-and-repeat, imposition or even combo jobs) to customer supplied artwork easily. It helps ensure all required changes are accounted for and done correctly, all codes match and are designed in compliance with applicable standards, and most important, nothing has been changed inadvertently.

If you are working with workflow software, such as Esko's Automation Engine, we can even integrate the EyeC Proofiler Graphic into that workflow system. For example, once a step-and-repeat file has been created, a workflow-integrated EyeC Proofiler Graphic can perform all required inspections automatically and – if no problems have been found – automatically release the file for plate making. 

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