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EyeC ProofBook

EyeC ProofBook

The most efficient way to perform booklet inspections

Reduce turnaround time and improve process efficiency while proofing huge documents. ProofBook directs the focus of the proofreader to the pages that require attention. ProofBook clues you in as to what you should be checking on multi-page docs.

Multi-Page Document Inspection

Documents sized up to 11.7” x 17”are scanned using the scanner’s automatic feeder for page by page comparison to the multi-page PDF proof. Defective pages are identified automatically and all deviations are listed and depicted in an automatically generated inspection report. The EyeC ProofBook is ideal for checking booklets, double-sided pages, and multi-page PDFs.

Avoid costly printing problems

The EyeC ProofBook performs automatic print sample testing for multi-page documents and booklets. Cut off the booklet’s spine and place the pages onto the document feeder for scanning and inspection. At the print shop, performing press sample testing helps detect and correct problems early on, reducing waste and avoiding customer rejectsDuring incoming inspection, the EyeC ProofBook allows users to perform reliable and efficient incoming quality control. Companies can be sure that errors are caught and their quality standards are met.

Easy to use

The EyeC Proofbook is simple to use. Its intuitive interface, available in all major languages, allows any user to perform a reliable inspection without the need of previous training. Just a few easy steps are required to perform a comprehensive quality check: scan the sample, load the file, start the inspection, evaluate the deviations, and save or print the report.

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