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Print inspection at each stage in the printing and finishing process

At the print shop, quality control and economic considerations go hand in hand. You need to find problems before your customers would, and you want to find them as early in the process as possible to avoid losing time and money working on a bad product.

What We Can Offer You 

EyeC provides a fast and accurate solution to verify printed packaging quality at each of the production stages: at pre-press, at press make ready, during print run and finishing. Whether you produce folding cartons, labels, patient information leaflets, flexible packaging, or cylindrical packaging, EyeC systems help your print shop reduce waste material, save time and improve the quality of your production. 

All our systems offer what we refer to as pinpoint results: they find very small but critical flaws while at the same time disregarding deviations that are natural to the process, such as minor dot gain, minor distortion, minor registration etc. This eliminates the need to search through hundreds of false alarms before a real problem gets brought to the operator’s (fading) attention.


At prepress

Our systems perform file-to-file comparison - making sure all intended changes are accounted for and nothing else has been modified inadvertently.


During press make-ready

Your customers will get exactly what they asked for with our print-to-file sample testing systems.


At regular intervals during the course of a print job

With that same print-to-file sample testing system, make sure the job gets printed with consistent quality while using just one system for multiple presses.


Performing 100% inspection on the press

We can attach our systems to almost any printing machine - sheet-fed or web-fed - inspecting every single item. Our systems catch problems in real time so corrective action can be taken right away. Depending on your workflow, we may also mark defective items for a later removal.


100% inspection on post press machinery

Our system can be attached to many post press machinery including rewinders, folder-gluers, and dedicated conveyor-based inspection machines. This is where flawed items will be removed automatically, guaranteeing 100% defect-free quality.

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