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Print inspection for pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging

In the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries, misprints of any kind may cause costly recalls. EyeC offers inspection solutions for every step of the process that are highly respected in these industries for precision, efficiency, and ease of use.

What We Can Offer You


We support our pharmaceutical clients during the validation phase by offering complete validation support packages. All our solutions contain the functions laid out in U.S. FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11, and they are developed and manufactured in compliance with applicable industry standards including ISO 9001, GMP, and GAMP 5


Artwork design and revision control

During the artwork design and artwork approval processes, our EyeC Proofiler Content ensures the textual content matches the FDA-approved manuscript file character by character. The process is fast and easy and even includes texts that are found in graphs and tables. This software can also be fully integrated into your existing workflow system.

During artwork revision control, that same EyeC Proofiler Content helps reduce the number of design cycles by making sure all intended changes are accounted for, have been done right, and nothing else has been modified inadvertently.


Incoming inspection

The EyeC Proofiler print sample testing system offers fast and easy incoming inspection for labels, patient information inserts, booklets, folding cartons, blisters, and even bottles and cans.


Supporting third party suppliers

EyeC offers an entire range of inspection systems covering every step of the process, including those that are performed at third party suppliers. We can support your print suppliers during prepress inspection, press sample testing, and even 100% inspection for practically any kind of print product, empowering them to ensure your quality standards are met at every step of their process before any defective items get shipped.

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