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Design & Advertising

Inspection systems for design & advertising agencies

You and your company remain responsible for errors even if your customer signed off on them. You need to show excellence from the first concept to the completed artwork file. Pressure is high yet there are a lot of possible missteps to be avoided.

What We Can Offer You

Initial Design

The EyeC Proofiler Content Plus makes sure textual content matches reference documents character by character, in any language and any font, including East Asian and right-to-left fonts. It makes sure the text is bold, italic, underlined where it needs to be and verifies font, text color, and font size.


Artwork Revision Control

Unlike any other system in the market, the EyeC Proofler Content offers an intelligent combination of graphical comparison and character by character live text analysis, verifying all intentional changes are accounted for and done right, making sure nothing else has been modified inadvertently. It catches all issues at once in one fast and easy process thus reducing the number of required design cycles. Unlike any other system it also verifies text visibility and checks for unintentional overprinting by neighboring graphical elements.


Workflow Integration

If you are using workflow software, such as Blue, we can even integrate our systems into that workflow software. In that case, the workflow software will trigger required inspections and create reports automatically before a job is released. 

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