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Getting a peaceful night’s sleep

Thanks to the EyeC Proofiler Graphic, Edelmann Poland is sure to produce print files aligned with customers’ expectations and eliminate artwork-related errors. The folding carton manufacturer, headquartered in Warsaw, is part of the Edelmann Group. Focused on the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, the Polish company is particularly distinguished by its high quality and the latest production processes.

With the EyeC Proofiler Graphic, Edelmann Poland has enhanced its inspection procedures. The system also helped to reduce the costs of pre-press checks, increase productivity and significantly boost safety – for both the printing house and their customers. Michał Stanke, Procurement and Quality Manager at Edelmann Poland, shares his feedback on the EyeC Proofiler Graphic.

How did quality controls work in your company prior to the implementation of the EyeC Proofiler Graphic?

Before pre-press inspections were performed visually by comparing elements in the customer's design with the elements in our materials, which provided general information about the graphics of a given packaging or a leaflet. A person making corrections checked every single element, letter by letter, so that all of the elements of the model were reflected in our materials. This work was very difficult and was fraught with a high risk of errors, especially when it comes to multi-lingual packaging (e.g., in Arabic or Japanese), and pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, where the correctness of the information is crucial.

What were the most common errors?

The most critical errors that sometimes were overlooked, luckily very rarely, and were inspected again further in the production process, included missing texts and changes made to the text and font.

What convinced you to install the EyeC Proofiler Graphic?

The desire to get a peaceful night’s sleep! More seriously, the errors that occur, even though quite rarely. Another important reason is also the duration and reliability of the inspection. This system gives us the possibility to check the work of our pre-press operators faster and in a more reliable way. It is automatic, therefore it has no “bad” habits, it is not influenced by anyone, and it always performs its work at the same, verifiable level, in line with the established parameters.

What has changed since the installation of this system?

The duration of inspections has been reduced, and more minor errors are detected, which a customer or a patient would be unable to find.

Does the market, namely the customers, need and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the system, and consequently your company?

There is great interest in the system during every presentation, audit, or a visit. Simply speaking, it puts an end to many questions related to the reliability of inspections and product safety.

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