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Did you know … 15 Facts about EyeC

This year, EyeC is celebrating its 15-year anniversary. What began as a Hamburg start up in 2002 has now become a well-known and internationally successful company for print inspection. As we celebrate our anniversary, our three founders and managing directors, Ansgar Kaupp, Dirk Lütjens, and Sören Springmann are looking back on the past years and sharing 15 facts about EyeC with you.

Did you know that …

1. … EyeC made its start in the living room of a friend, Bodo? While he was abroad for twelve months, he offered his apartment in Ahrensburg to friends Ansgar, Dirk, and Sören to use at their disposal.

2. … Our first fixed asset was an espresso machine? Management was also trained by an Italian restaurant owner in the art of preparing coffee specialties.

3. … Raspberry red has become our corporate color so that our comparatively small systems can be seen quickly in the huge production halls?

4. … We developed a Proofiler protoype within six weeks after our first meeting with our first customer?

5. … All three executives were involved in the development of our first inspection system? Dirk developed the user interface, Ansgar developed finding the picture, and Sören developed the fault detection.

6. … The year after its founding, we had already presented our inspection solutions for the first time at Labelexpo Europe 2003.

7. … There is logic behind our company name? “EyeC? Oh, I see!“

8. … The development of the Braille inspection is the same age as Dirk’s son, Tobias (born 2004)?

9. … During Drupa 2008, Dirk developed the inspection for a Lithec-Scanner within only an hour and like that, a partnership with KBA began?

10. … Our logo features a pupil with an eyebrow?

11. … Our developers have written more than 3 million code lines for our inspection software?

12. … We have even developed an inspection solution for a solar eclipse ;-) ?

13. … Not only does our ProofRunner run ultra-fast, but so does our running team, which regularly participates in numerous races as well as marathons?

14. … Our team stays overnight worldwide to install our systems at our customers’ sites -  even in a yurt in Kazakhstan?

15. … Over 1,600 EyeC inspection systems are in use in 51 countries?

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