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Print Sample Testing

Check the quality of print samples easily and quickly

Used at the print shop or at incoming material inspection, our print sample testing systems help operators check print samples easily and quickly. Adaptable to your quality requirements, EyeC offers cost-effective solutions to meet your needs.

Unlike anything else in the market, our systems will automatically disregard most deviations that are natural to the printing process and deliver pinpoint results instead.

With the EyeC Proofiler, the EyeC ProofRoller and the EyeC ProofBook, EyeC has developed a complete range of print sample testing systems covering folding cartons, labels, leaflets, flexible packaging, wet sheets, entire booklets or even aluminum cans. EyeC has the solutions that suit your needs.   

EyeC Proofiler

Check your print samples easily and quickly

The EyeC Proofiler is a complete range of off-line inspection systems that help companies check the quality of all types of printed samples. Designed for print shops and their customers - such as companies in the pharmaceutical, consumer and luxury goods, tobacco, food, and beverage industries - the EyeC Proofiler brings security, efficiency, and flexibility to QC checks. By verifying print…

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EyeC Proofiler 900 - 1700 DT

Ultra-fast half-size to large format print sample testing

The EyeC Proofiler 900, 1200 & 1700 DT provide you with the fastest technology for the checking of half-size to large format print samples. Designed for print shops and their customers, it brings security, efficiency and flexibility to QC checks - at twice the speed than competitive systems. The system is easy to use, which is especially useful in the case of large printing sheets, thin leaflets…

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EyeC ProofBook

The most efficient way to perform booklet inspections

Reduce turnaround time and improve process efficiency while proofing huge documents. ProofBook directs the focus of the proofreader to the pages that require attention. ProofBook clues you in as to what you should be checking on multi-page docs.

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EyeC ProofRoller

Check the quality of printed tubes, aerosols & cans easily and quickly

The EyeC ProofRoller is a high speed off-line inspection system that checks the print quality on cylindrical items, such as food and drink cans, vials, canisters for toiletries, round cartons, and tubes for liquor bottles.

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EyeC Audit Trail Viewer

Review your audit trail easily

Available for the EyeC Proofiler and the EyeC Proofiler Graphic, version 3.4 or later, the EyeC Audit Trail Viewer helps you review your audit trail and track critical events easily and in total confidence. As a result, you detect any abnormalities quickly, save a considerable time during process control, and are well-prepared for audits.

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