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EyeC ProofText

EyeC ProofText

Artwork Proofreading made easy

EyeC ProofText is an easy to use, fast & highly automated web-based text inspection software to check multiple documents, multiple pages, and different languages in one pass.

QUALITY RIGHT FROM THE START. Prevent unnecessary errors as early as possible within the print & packaging value chain. Our ProofText is developed especially for text-heavy artworks and multilanguages on packaging like leaflets, booklets, folding boxes, labels, flexibles & more.


Compare the Live-Text of your manuscript & briefing files (word, html etc.) with the initial artwork file or proof (PDF) during the artwork creation phase.  Our software is designed for agencies, design studios, marketing-, specification-, regulatory- and prepress departments & their suppliers.


Reduce Revision cycles by using the correct software! Our approach compares the Live-Text of a PDF to the PDF of different revisions during creation, design, revision, approval and prepress processes for all types of packaging artwork files and various commercial printing jobs.


  • Best-in-Class Usability with innovative User-Friendly interface
  • Fastest file preparation with Intelligent, Automated, and Multiprocessing functions
  • Efficient evaluation with less pseudo findings and easy evaluations
  • Speed up your artwork process
  • Shorten your proofreading time
  • Avoid costly mistakes

Our EyeC Prooftext is a highly automated artwork proofreading system used to compare various documents to find and evaluate deviations in text content & font style. Get more inspections done with our intuitive user interface and intelligent algorithm. Save time by inspecting multiple documents and languages within one process.

  • Intuitive User Flow
  • Fastest file preparation
  • Efficient Inspection

Our developers focused on making our software user-friendly and with a high level of automation. The intuitive and innovative user interface together with an intelligent algorithm allows any user to inspect and evaluate complex documents and artworks in an efficient way. The software can be set up and used quickly and without the need of extended training. Load files – Prepare – Evaluate – Finish.

  • No Installation required
  • Easy expandible with new features
  • High Flexibility

With our fully web-based and system independent SAAS (software-as-a-service) solution you can start easily, without software installation. With a working internet connection, log-in to inspect your files in your web browser from your home or the office - anywhere, anytime.

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