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EyeC ProofRunner Label

EyeC ProofRunner Label

Ensure the delivery of high-quality, error-free labels

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The EyeC ProofRunner Label inspects 100% of any type of labels - including transparent or metallized labels.

  • If installed on a printing press, it monitors the quality of the entire print job, allowing the press operator to take immediate action, thus reducing waste.
  • If installed on a rewinder, it stops the rewinder for defective labels indicating where the defect is, what it looks like, and how the reference file looks at the same spot. Thus, defective items can be removed and replaced, ensuring 100% defect free delivery.


The EyeC ProofRunner Label uses a high-speed line scan camera to continuously acquire a high-resolution image of the entire web, so texts, graphics, color variations, variable data, 1D and 2D codes are checked for 100% of the printed labels, providing pinpoint results.


Thanks to its automated job set-up, the EyeC ProofRunner Label helps print shops save time and perform a fast and efficient 100% print inspection.


The EyeC ProofRunner Label will keep up with the equipment it is mounted on, including the fastest rewindersNo need to slow down anything.

Increase operator satisfaction

The EyeC ProofRunner Label simplifies quality controls, and enhances operator satisfaction. Designed with ease of use in mind, its intuitive interface - available in all major languages - allows any operator to perform a meaningful in-line inspection easily.

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