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EyeC ProofRoller

EyeC ProofRoller

Check the quality of printed tubes, aerosols & cans easily and quickly

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The EyeC ProofRoller is a high speed off-line inspection system that checks the print quality on cylindrical items, such as food and drink cans, vials, canisters for toiletries, round cartons, and tubes for liquor bottles.

EyeC is fast – efficient – precise!

The EyeC ProofRoller uses a line scan camera to acquire high resolution images of the sample. The system automatically locates the sample, and verifies its content against the signed-off proof. Texts, graphics, and color deviations are all checked in one inspection cycle.

Easy to Use

The EyeC ProofRoller is easy to use. Its intuitive interface, available in all major languages, allows any user to perform a reliable inspection. Just a few easy steps are required to perform a comprehensive quality check: scan the sample, load the file, start the inspection, evaluate the deviations, and save or print the report.

Bring efficiency to your quality control

In addition to ensuring process security, the EyeC ProofRoller offers a fast solution for quality control. Thanks to its high level of automation and performant hardware, the EyeC ProofRoller drastically reduces inspection time. The customer proof is automatically loaded based on the entered job data. Pre-defined parameter settings allow it to adapt to the inspection sensitivity for the different products’ requirements in one click.

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