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Being the first makes you a winner

When an innovative machine or a solution is introduced to the Polish market, Tamir has it first. No wonder then, that it is the first company in the country to own the Roland 700 DirectDrive. This machine is paired together with the InlineInspector 2.0, an EyeC in-line inspection system. The inspection system checks the entire sheet on the sheetfed offset press, making sure that quality remains stable even when the machine runs at the highest speeds.

Tamir is an excellent example that proves that being a pioneer in the manufacturing field and running a family business can go hand-in-hand. With over 20 years of experience on the packaging market, Tamir boasts a well-equipped machinery park and good financial health without any share of the foreign capital. Established in Bystrzyca Kłodzka in 1993, the printing house started its activities with form printing. Nowadays, Tamir prints leaflets, folding boxes with Braille, displays for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as packages for the food and cosmetic industries.

Being First

A production area of 9,000 m2, experienced staff, and a state-of-the-art machinery are the ingredients of Tamir’s success. “To meet the demands of the market, we use the best machinery and materials, and we continuously monitor all stages of the production process: from the design to the final packaging” - says Michal Krywulec, Vice President of Tamir. “To respond to the needs of increasingly demanding customers, we invest in modern machinery. Running a printing business is no longer only about quality and applicable certificates, which are the standard requirement to start a cooperation, but about a manufacturer’s safety and experience. It is also in this respect that the printing house from Bystrzyca aspires to have a pioneer role.”


Today, printed goods are the key elements of all everyday items. However, no matter how high the level of sophistication and precision the printing technology is, even the latest and most expensive machines are not infallible. It is thus worth investing in inspection systems that will guarantee that printing outcomes are aligned with customer expectations. Aspiring to be a pioneer in safe printing, the owners of Tamir installed the InlineInspector 2.0 system by EyeC in the Roland 700 DirectDrive in November of 2015.

"For many printing houses specializing in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food markets, supplying even one single defective package or sheet may result in the withdrawal of the entire job, financial losses and even the loss of a customer. To practically eliminate this risk, it is worth investing in an inspection system, which can be installed in-line on the last unit of the printing machine, providing a 100% compliance inspection"- says Marcin Weksler, head of EyeC Polska.

The right system

The EyeC InlineInspector 2.0 monitors the printing material directly on the sheetfed offset press at a speed of up to 18,000 sheets per hour. The system uses a compact and very fast, 4k color line camera to continuously take high-resolution images of the entire printed sheet. Its intelligent software analyzes the print quality in real time, and warns the operator in the event of defects. The in-line inspection system detects all of the relevant printing defects, such as: missing parts of letters, filled letters, streaks, spots, color discrepancies, differences in the text, and graphics.

In addition, an optional connection with the pre-press department provides the ability to check the printed sheets against a reference PDF. This process ensures an ultra-fast job set-up and a much safer content verification. Each operator of the printing machine can perform this PDF check easily. The reference PDF is loaded automatically using the job data. All items on the sheet are automatically detected. Suspicious areas are pointed out to the operator, and a full report of the PDF qualification is simultaneously generated. The sheet assessed in this manner becomes a template for the entire printing job. This is definitely a much safer option than manual qualification without the PDF file.

The revolutionary change introduced by the InlineInspector 2.0, provides the ability to fully inspect the quality while printing. This now offers a completely new set of possibilities. By alerting the operator in the event of bad quality, it results in a significant reduction of waste. By keeping a running tally of the number of good sheets, it reduces the time needed to achieve the desired quality level. The available options of marking of good and defective sheets are just as important: ranging from tab inserter, to marking each sheet with the inkjet, as well as the use of the Roland InlineSorter.

No defects

“We specialize in the production of folding boxes for pharmaceutical companies.” says Michał Krywulec “Providing folding cartons of the highest quality, without any print defects, is crucial for our customers. Until now, our current quality controls were based on a representative sample checking. The various controls have guaranteed the highest quality of products available on the market. We could guarantee correct production. However, it was not possible to ensure that, for example, in the whole batch, there would not be a single folding box with a defect smaller than 1 mm2. Obviously, one can say that such errors will be noticed neither by the manufacturer nor the customer, but can we be sure? The new inspection system takes us to the higher level - ensuring compliance that was previously unattainable. Only the in-line inspection system allows you to inspect every printed sheet, regardless of whether the batch consists of a thousand or a million copies. The in-line inspection system ensures that even a single folding box, bearing a defect in the form of a spot or a dot, which would be inconsistent with the approved PDF file, will be detected and eliminated.”

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