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Reynders buys EyeC's thousandth Print Inspection System

The print inspection expert EyeC has recently sold its thousandth system: a ProofRunner 450. The buyer of this inline inspection system is none other than Reynders Etiketten. The group Reynders Label Printing, which owns eight production sites in Europe and Asia, is renowned worldwide for the quality of its labels. Recently faced with the obligation to replace some of its inline print inspection systems, the label printer chooses the solution offered by EyeC.

More than a new milestone in EyeC´s history, this sale is an example of long-term collaboration between two specialists who both value innovation and quality. Johan Lievens, Quality Manager at Reynders Etiketten and responsible for the purchase of the ProofRunner, comments: “It is of course a pleasure to be part of this new milestone in EyeC´s history. What we particularly appreciate, is EyeC´s capacity to evolve together with Reynders, so that we always stay at the forefront of innovation.”

From the ninth to the thousandth system

The collaboration between the two experts started in 2005, a few years after the creation of EyeC. At that time, Reynders bought a first EyeC Proofiler 400 to control the quality of samples along the printing process. This Proofiler was the ninth system sold by EyeC. Latter on the printer bought another Proofiler 400 equipped with Braille inspection to face with the requirements of the pharmaceutical market.

This long and positive experience has motivated Reynders to rely on EyeC also for inline print inspection. Reynders Pharmaceutical Labels installed a few monthes ago a first ProofRunner 450. The objective: To control and re-inspect 100% of the labels of pharmaceutical jobs to make sure that they are free of printing defects or errors made at the prepress. The successful collaboration with EyeC has now led to the purchase of this second ProofRunner, this time by Reynders Etiketten.

For Johan Lievens, the success of this collaboration is due to “the quick cooperation, the quick implementation of the system, the good relationships with EyeC and the good preparation of this installation by both sides”. He adds: “We do not need to recommend EyeC. Just the fact that we uses the EyeC ProofRunner speaks for itself”. With the EyeC ProofRunner, the Belgian company has the certainty to deliver always the quality their clients required.

Through constant innovation and a strong customer-orientation, EyeC has turned in twelve years into a key partner for quality control in the packaging industry. Today, the Company is the sole provider that covers the entire range of print inspection needs: from print sample inspection to 100% inline inspection, including prepress inspection and more recently artwork inspection.

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