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New EyeC ProofBook inspects multi-page documents with more speed and precision

With the new version of EyeC ProofBook, printers and their customers inspect multi-page documents like brochures, prospectuses, books and catalogs with greater speed and precision. Inspections are performed five times faster than with the previous model due to a new high-performance scanner and an improved algorithm for locating defects.

The new EyeC ProofBook scans and examines up to 20 pages a minute at 300 dpi. The system compares the front and back of each page against the approved PDF template and shows the operator the suspicious pages for more precise examination of the deviations. The intuitive user interface helps perform a full inspection in just a few clicks and is available in all major languages. The print image quality can be checked at any time and the inspection results traced with the inspection report generated at the end of the inspection.

The EyeC ProofBook has a duplex scanner with an automatic feeder that can take up to 200 pages. The system scans and inspects size A6 to A3 documents at up to 600 dpi and can pull in paper from 35 to 128 g/m². Moreover, regular operation as a flatbed scanner allows random sample inspection of folding boxes, labels and flexible packaging. With additional software options, the system also reads 1D and 2D codes.

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