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Artwork and Print Inspection Systems


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Welcome to EyeC, Print Inspection Experts

EyeC is the ONLY Supplier to Ensure Print Quality throughout the Production Process – from the First Artwork File to the Finished Product

EyeC offers a range of print inspection and artwork comparison systems that cover the complete print cycle from artwork development, pre-press, press set up, outgoing QC and incoming materials inspection. They are used for example by high quality printing companies producing packaging materials such as labels, cartons, flexible film packaging and leaflets typically for pharmaceuticals, food and drink, toiletries and branded goods manufacturers.

Quality Assurance from the Design to the Printing Process

EyeC is the market’s only supplier to ensure print quality throughout the production process – from the first artwork file to the finished product. Discover our solutions for quality control:


Around the world, more than 1800 EyeC inspection systems are in use at top pharmaceutical companies, printers, as well as cosmetic and food producers in 51 countries.

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